The Macorabagão started its activity in Pondras in the year 1982 and its main business areas of agricultural trade and power tools, marketing of fertilizers, salt and building material.

Over the years we have been increasing considerably, our range of products and services and this was leading to that now, after 32 years since the founding of the company, continue to have the recognition of our customers and a prominent position at the level regional. The trades carried across borders and in fact be given the status of official suppliers of major brands prove the soundness of the business and the brand Macorabagão.

The most important landmarks of the company, since its foundation in 1982 until the present day, are presented in the following diagram.


Creating a Professional Website


Implementation of scale to weight of inert


Construction of the 3rd warehouse


Hiring of more staff


Purchase of 2 new trucks


Construction of the 2nd warehouse


Purchase of 1 Truck


Foundation of the Company
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